Saturday, August 29, 2015

Live Theatre Review: Evening Star Production's BUG

Director Rosalie Grant makes excellent use of the intimate space at the Infinite Abyss of Wilton Manors with her production of Tracy Letts’s BUG. The stage is busy, but not distractingly so, with props that tell as much of a story about the characters and their lives as the action does. Lighting and soundtrack are also well-placed, important elements of the story.

Set in a seedy motel in Oklahoma, the play opens on a dysfunctional note that will set the tone for the entire show. The harried Agnes (Erynn Dalton), who is haunted by her past, is soon introduced through her friend RC (Rachel Finley) to someone who will change her future.

Todd Bruno is inspired as the mysterious stranger, Peter Evans, who is endearingly awkward. Peter captures the audience from the first moment he’s onstage, and his bookishness is oddly charming. Todd remains true to the character as he evolves from act to act.

The chemistry between Agnes and Goss (Dominick Daniel) is corrosive and his character is as despicable as Evans is winsome.

Though the play is dark and macabre, it is broken up by some scripted as well as more subtle, visual, humor.

Tonight is your last chance to catch the don’t–miss BUG. Evening Star Production performs its final show on Saturday, August 29 at 8pm.

May be inappropriate for young audiences because of violence, drug use, and nudity.

Get your tickets here or at the door: Infinite Abyss, 2304 N. Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors FL.

Relevant music reference:

I heard Dwight Yoakum, Brooks and Dunn, Chris Isaak, and some Johnny Cash.

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